Holidays and dive trips

Scuba in the Weald are running several dive trips throughout the year to many UK dive sites including Inland waters like Stoney Cove and Gildenburgh Water. We will also be offering regular hard boat diving from Brighton & Eastbourne, some weekday evenings .

In addition to these regular events we have organised some dive trips and diving holidays in the UK and Abroad, to keep you diving in new and interesting diving environments. We have a friendly group of divers that meet up on these trips; this forms a relaxed and enjoyable environment for new divers to feel comfortable and part of the group.

Scuba in the Weald offer full Equipment hire for your trip or holiday, this includes: Dry-suits or Semi-dry suits, BCD, regs, hood, gloves, booties, mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt, weights and a 12 or 15litre tank. All divers are required to have there own dive watch or computer, dive knife, dive compass and a dive torch.

For coastal destinations ALL divers must have there own SMB and reel, these are essential for the safety of all the divers on the trip. If you are unfamiliar with the use and deployment of an SMB, we offer separate training for this important skill, please contact us for details.

Please note: on all of our dive trips the dives are NOT supervised. You and your buddy should have adequate training and experience for the environment you will be diving in. If you require supervision on a dive you can book a PADI Discover Local Diving program for that dive, where a Scuba in the Weald PADI Professional will supervise you at a cost of £30 per buddy pair, per dive.