About us

Scuba in the Weald is a family run  professional scuba diving school committed to providing you with the highest standard of diver training, safe diving practices and exciting underwater fun!

Nicola & Steve Griffiths from Scuba in the Weald, completing PADI scuba diver training in the Red Sea!Scuba in the Wealds philosophy is to teach fun and safe diving, this is passed down to all our staff, who all value the high attention to PADI standards and the Scuba in the Wealds best practices. We only use our own in house Instructors, as we believe this maintains the highest levels of training.

We believe in teaching small class sizes to ensure each student gets the most Instructor attention and enjoyment. Class sizes are kept to 2-4 students per group with dedicated Instructors and Divemasters assisting throughout the course. We strive to provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during all our training sessions.

During all open water dives, we offer ONE TO ONE SUPERVISION which we have found increases student confidence and maintains our 100% safety record and reputation for quality of training.

All of our training staff are members of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, hold H.S.E. diving medicals and are all First Aid trained with Rescue training as standard.

We’re passionate about diving and want to share our passion, experiences, knowledge and love of diving with you! Scuba diving is a fascinating and exciting sport, which gives a great deal of fun and enjoyment.

We believe EVERYONE should have the opportunity to experience the wonders of the underwater world, enjoying the fantastic thrills of excitement it brings.

Scuba in the Weald is located in Cranbrook Kent.